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HIV prevention has changed.

Now we know that a regular program of medication and sexual health check-ups can protect people from getting or passing on HIV.

Treatment as prevention (TasP) and pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) are the names given to two methods for the prevention of HIV using anti-HIV drugs.

TasP is where a person who is HIV-positive uses anti-HIV drugs to reduce the virus in their bloodstream to an undetectable level. Although HIV is still present in their bodies, it is so low that passing on HIV through sex is highly unlikely (by at least 93%).

PrEP is where a person who does not have HIV takes anti-HIV drugs to prevent them becoming HIV-positive. When taken daily and with regular three monthly sexual health check-ups, it reduces the risk of getting HIV by at least 99%.

Together TasP and PrEP provide HIV-positive and HIV-negative people the opportunity to both take steps to prevent HIV transmission.

TasP and PrEP Position Statement
TasP Frequently Asked Questions
PrEP Frequently Asked Questions

For more information about taking TasP or PrEP you’ll need to speak with your doctor. The following medical centres are staffed with S100 prescribers and medical specialists who can prescribe HIV treatments and answer questions related to TasP and PrEP.

Melbourne Sexual Health Centre
580 Swanston Street
Carlton, 3053
(03) 9341 6200

Northside Clinic
370 St Georges Road
North Fitzroy, 3068
(03) 9485 7700

Prahran Market Clinic
Pran Central Shopping Centre, Mezzanine level
325 Chapel Street
Prahran, 3181
(03) 9514 0888

The Centre Clinic
77 Fitzroy Street
St. Kilda, 3182
(03) 9525 5866

Although PrEP is not yet available in Australia, consumers are able to purchase Truvada or a generic version of the drug online; however, you must have an Australian-issued prescription from your doctor. Medication purchased over the internet should always be done in consultation with your doctor to minimise risk. For more information on ordering PrEP online click here.


Contact any of the Victorian PrEP Accord partners below to find out more.
For more information about taking TasP or PrEP in Queensland click here

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